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THE RADIO GATEWAY SYSTEM  is comprised of 3 different elements that work together to allow businesses both small and large to add AVL to their current or future 2-Way radio system.  Our technology works with Kenwood NEXEDGE digital and Kenwood FleetSync land mobile radios.  With these Kenwood products you can simply add a GPS board inside the radio and you now have the capability of tracking your fleet. 

GLIMPSE - Radio Gateway gives you a platform to track your entire fleet from a Windows based computer and connect from anywhere you can secure a basic Internet connection.  Our Tracking/Mapping software solution is called Glimpse.  Gimpse allows you to track mobile and portable radios, send text messages, monitor sensor events, pull vehicle history reports and view "bread-crumb trail" motion playback.  Populate your map with common user points or destinations and reports will list vehicles that are in the vicinity.  Glimpse utilizes maps from Microsoft MapPoint 2010 or 2011 so there is no need to wait for those slow-loading web based maps. 
Glimpse Screenshot

gClient - (Gateway Client)  This software product can be loaded on any one of your Windows based PC computers. Simply connect a radio or multiple radios to this computer and it will retrieve any data which will be forwarded to our RadioGateway servers.  Ping requests and text messages from your client Glimpse editions will be passed through RadioGateway and then gClient to be sent out through your radio system.  With gClient you can now have many Glimpse connections at various locations all working off of a single set of radios. Example: with NEXEDGE, you can connect your voice base station radio to a computer in the vicinity of that radio and receive automatic updates as well as Push-To-Talk location updates. 

RADIOGATEWAY - The Radio Gateway servers handle all communications between gClient and Glimpse.  These servers are maintained 24 hours a day at our offices and Kelrad Software will constantly be integrating new features that will be available at no additional charge to RadioGateway clients. Our software products were designed by expert software designers as well as a group that have an intimate knowledge of 2-Way radio.