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How it Works
You simply install our remote radio software on one of your Windows based computers that has access to the Internet.  Now connect a transmit / receive radio to the serial port of this computer.  Your computer will now collect your radio data, send text messages and location requests.  This information is then transferred to our radiogateway server which client computers (as many as you need) log into via the Internet to track the fleet.  Our mapping software is Microsoft MapPoint 2010, 2011 and 2013 ready.    
Forget Internet based maps!   One of the biggest complaints that AVL users have is the slow load times of Internet based maps. This is not a problem with our client mapping program.  Our service runs under Microsoft MapPoint so the maps reside on your computer for extremely fast panning and refresh rates.

Your computer
w/ base radio



It's a snap! Simply attach a radio to a windows based PC loaded with our software and we handle the rest. 
Track your fleet from many different computers and locations, simultaneously.